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Free Onsite Diagnostic 

Onsite Service Software

 $70.00 per hour, Min $45.00 - after the 1st hour charges are based on half hours or $35 00 per 1/2 hour

 Ex. -  1.5 hours  software  would be $105.00 plus a $15.00 Trip Charge for a total of $120.00

System Reload with Data Backup - On Bench - $135.00 Flat fee - Includes major virus removal.

                                                  All services calls and estimates will have a $15.00 Trip charge

!!!!We offer Military and Senior Discounts!!!!

Onsite Hardware

Hardware is $70.00 an hour - by 1/2 hours after the 1st hour

Ex.-1.5 hours would be $105.00, plus the $15.00 Trip charge, Plus Parts as required.


Networking is $70.00 an hour, plus the $15.00 Trip charge, Plus parts as required



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